Are you part of a chain/franchise?

No! We are a family run, independently operated retail location. We are not affiliated with any large bulk or health food companies. This allows us to remain competitively priced with our bulk food offerings!

There is only ONE Bulk Food Warehouse!

Are you a warehouse?

Despite our name, we are a retail location, open to the public. Come visit us any time!

What types of products do you sell?

We have so much in store!

We offer bulk food items including flours, sugars, nuts, dried fruit, snacks, candy, chocolate, grains, spices and more!

We provide a large selection of Health Supplements.

Looking for RO or distilled water? Bring your container or purchase one to fill in store!

Check out or Honey, Tea, Birdseed, Essential Oil Diffusers, and more.

Come discover what we have in store!

Do you sell online?

We do have a limited selection of Health Supplements for purchase online that can be shipped. We also offer the option to pre-pay for large bulk items (i.e. 22.68kg bags of Baking Soda) that can be picked up in store.

The majority of our sales are made in store, in person!

What hiden gems do you sell?

We carry an assortment of items in store that can be hard to find! We sell 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, an assortment of specialty herbs and spices, and competitively priced large bulk items, to name a few.

First time visitors always discover something fun when they come shop in store!

Do you sell via Amazon?

No! We have no selling relationship with Amazon.

If you have purchased through a 'Bulkfood' company on Amazon, please contact them directly via their amazon contact information.