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Calyx Wellness

Harmony 5000mg CBD Tincture by Calyx Wellness

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Harmony 5000mg Tincture

Ease into balance and experience the solace that our Harmony CBD oil provides to your health and wellness regimen. This CBD oil 5000mg tincture was created to focus on modulating the systems in the body in parallel to addressing more severe ailments. The simple but elegant infusion of MCT oil, Hemp – Extracted Cannabidiol and Grapeseed oil result in alleviating any prominent discomforts at a faster rate in an all natural, vegan friendly form. Additionally, it provides a high concentration of CBD in one dose, allowing more availability for the body to absorb and disperse its properties to the appropriate areas in need. Release the stress an ailment may cause to daily tasks with Harmony CBD oil 5000mg ; a gentle, non-habit-forming combination which contains many of the well-known properties of CBD that provide relief to those relentless discomforts.

Dosage Guide

1 drop = 4mg CBD
Half Dropper / 0.5mL / 20 drops = 83.3mg CBD
Full Dropper / 1mL / 40 drops = 166.6mg CBD


Unflavored - Grapeseed Oil, MCT Oil, Hemp-Extracted Cannabidiol
Spearmint - Grape Seed Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oil), Pure Hemp Extracted Cannabidiol (CBD), and Natural Flavour.