CurcuMIND by AOR

CurcuMIND by AOR

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CurcuMIND provides a high dose of Optimized Curcumin in synergy with vegan vitamin D3, a first in the world combination...
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CurcuMIND provides a high dose of Optimized Curcumin in synergy with vegan vitamin D3, a first in the world combination from AOR. CurcuMind has been formulated for individuals wanting cognitive support for improved memory, attention, mood and alertness. Moreover, Optimized Curcumin provides a solution to the curcumin conundrum of low bioavailability, poor absorption and rapid breakdown. Although bioavailability and absorption help determine effectiveness, the key lies within its ability to remain free. This free state of curcumin is achieved due to the formula’s ability to avoid being rapidly broken down within the body. Because free curcumin retains its “unbroken” form, it is then taken up through the blood stream where it is stable, concentrated, and retains maximum effectiveness for up to 24 hours, making it the most effective, absorbable curcumin available for cognitive health.

CurcuMIND is designed to support cognition and protect brain cells against the effects of toxic beta-amyloid proteins. In vitro studies with curcumin and vitamin D3, alone and in combination, have been found to support the clearance of beta-amyloid. In mice, curcumin helped repair nerve function in the brain and positively affected their behaviour. Finally, several studies in healthy humans showed that just 80 mg of Optimized Curcumin improved cognitive function, memory, attention, mood and alertness, while reducing blood levels of beta-amyloid in just 30 days - a feat that other “bioavailable” curcumins have failed to accomplish. CurcuMIND can also provide support for autoimmune conditions and inflammation related to autoimmunity since curcumin and vitamin D work synergistically to modulate immune function. Up to 9 capsules of CurcuMIND per day will provide powerful support for those suffering from age-related cognitive decline, poor focus and concentration, severe inflammation and auto-immune disorders.

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