5 Summer Skincare Tips

Happy Tuesday everyone!
This week we're celebrating the beginning of summer, and what a week it's been! The weather is beautiful, and the days are long, so make sure to enjoy a little time outside! That being said, here are 5 different ways you can help protect your skin from the sun this summer!
1. Protect Your Lips:
zSun damage to the lips can be very dangerous, that's why it's important to keep them protected! A simple solution is to use a lip balm with SPF in it, or if you don't like using lip chaps   you can always apply a small amount of sunscreen directly to your lips, but don't lick them!
2. Keep The Water Cold 
We all love a warm shower but your skin becomes very sensitive after prolonged sun exposure. To ensure you don't cause any extra damage, shower with cool water only, and make sure to moisturize after the shower.
3. Keep A Cooling Mist On Hand
In order to keep your skin cool and smooth this summer it's helpful to spray it with some gentle mist. Water works, but adding too much water to your face during the day may eventually dry it out. Adding a little bit of aloe vera, cucumber, or rosewater will also keep you hydrated! Just combine the ingredients in a spray bottle, and throw in in your purse!
4. Less Is More
As we all know, makeup is the long and trusted friend of many women, however the summer heat can melt makeup into your skin, causes blocked pores and breakouts. Try wearing less makeup on your skin during the summer months, especially if you live in an urban area. Once you get a little sun on your face, your natural glow will help you feel just as gorgeous without all those layers. Add a touch of bronzer or blush to well moisturized skin, and feel the freedom of your natural beauty. 
5. Protect Yourself From Bugs!
As far as skin care goes theres nothing more annoying than a itchy, swollen bug bite! Get ahead of those pests and use a chemical-free bug repellant like the Buzz Patch, available now at Bulk Food Warehouse. 
So there you have it, 5 ways to protect your skin this summer. However you choose to enjoy the weather, just be safe!
Ciao for now!