Welcome to the Bulk Food & Supplement Warehouse Blog!

We are so proud to present all the recent changes we've made to our store & website, and would like to share that pride with our community!

One of the changes that we're really happy with is the new shelving we've installed for our supplements. The new shelves create a clean & organized look, and have a mild fresh-wood smell, which is always pleasant (we won't judge if you want to take in a whiff!).

Improving your in-store experience has been a top priority for us since taking ownership. We have even installed brand new fridges for our refrigerated products, they're quiet and very cool

Although our roots will always be planted in Burlington Ontario, Bulk Food & Supplement Warehouse is now offering the sale of our quality supplements online, providing everyone with the opportunity for optimal health, at great prices.

Return here for our weekly blog to keep up with health news,  in-store events, and even learn some delicious recipes!

For now you can visit our online store, shop, or call us anytime for more information.

Site: bulkfoodwarehouse.ca 

Phone: 905-634-9480

Ciao for now!