Summer Is Almost Here!

Summer Is Almost Here!

All the elements of winter have melted away, and are being replaced by the familiar sights of summer; dogs happily sniffing grass, dresses & sandals strutting down the sidewalk, and of course the sun!

It may be instinctive to remove & store your bulky winter coat in the spring, but why is applying sunscreen not as obvious? As much as we love the sun, only a few minutes of sunlight is required for healthy Vitamin D production, so what should you be doing with the rest of the daylight? Protecting yourself!

The UV index for Burlington & the GTA is quite high this spring, so it’s important to protect yourself. Staying in the shade is the best way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, but avoiding the sun all together isn’t always possible, and that’s where sunscreen comes in.

Wearing sunscreen can protect you from certain sun related dangers, but most sunscreen on the market is made from other harmful products such as sulphates & parabens. Don’t worry, there are tons of wonderful sun protection products on the market, like Alba Botanica that are free from these damaging chemicals, and offer amazing defense against the sun!

Bulk Food Warehouse carries a selection of Alba Botanica sun products, including sunscreen specifically developed for your face & sport.

Even on a seemingly cloudy day UV rays can still affect your skin, so it’s best to apply sunscreen everyday, rain or shine (Ladies try applying it before your makeup as a primer).

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